Good evening or night,

I’m working really hard in the french shop, no time at all to follow or even to answer to my friends on socials… these days with sale…

Anyway, I’m in a kind of troubles with my blog, because you deserve to have a post once a week, but I’ve been so so full before, during and after Christmas (that was of 8 days and 9 nights)… I was in London and well if you know that you’re idol was there before, I think it’s kind of normal that I was more often out of loft than inside watching telly!

I saw some art, I’ve been in some shops too, chatting and having fun with some RW friendlies, it was really nice.

Now I’m back and as I told full of work, but that work that gives me back confindence, strenght and that thing that makes me fight!

I said that I was to do some haul’s video on my youtube channel and I’d like to do it, but actually I have to find some time and courage… because I can’t do them at night in my pj! LOL

So give me some time, I’ll be back again and British says AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Also with some posts, music review and maybe something new, I hope!

Lots of love,

thanks for your kindness

See you soon!


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